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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Top 5 Points to Apply For Small Business Success

 Top 5 Points to Apply For Small Business Success

There are several marketing principles that many direct sellers neglect to apply to their business. These are five basic, proven tips to develop your business. They are as follows:
1. Stay Focused If your focus is to sell products to make money, and essentially be a top seller, don't get side-tracked. Develop your leads, keep a good inventory (if your company works that way) and develop strategies to sell, get referrals, and keep your customers. If you are focused on recruiting, then don't worry about keeping every product in stock or developing events for sales. Your goals will be slightly different, but you will still need to get new leads. Determine what you want and stay focused on the end goal.
2. Niche Market Targeting
Who is your target customer? Who will most likely use your products/services? Can everyone use what you offer? Perhaps, but that doesn't mean everybody will want to consider it. By targeting a niche market you will separate the proverbial cream from the milk. You will immediately identify and market to those who will be your buyers and recruits more quickly and with less effort. Write a description of your ideal customer. Now, where will you most often find this type of person? This will tell you who you will focus your marketing efforts upon and where you may find your ideal customer.
What is a niche market? It is a group of potential customers who share common characteristics making them especially receptive to what you offer. For instance, perhaps you sell educational toys. Part of your niche market is parents-and breaking that down even further, probably mothers. You would target local moms and especially stay-at-home moms. Moms who do not work outside the house are proven to be very receptive to direct sales as a home-based work option.
If you sell health/nutritional products you could find a list of health club members who also subscribe to a magazine about starting a business. The combination of these two special interests will create a good niche market. By targeting your niche, you will get stronger leads that will be easier to turn into sales and recruits.
3. Produce Low Cost, Quality Leads
Prospects in your niche market are likely to be more interested in what you offer. Therefore, you'll be able to sign-up a higher than average percentage of the inquiries from them. Developing leads also allows you to collect contact information you can use to follow up with prospects who don't take action the first time they see your offer. For example, you can have potential customers and recruits go to your website where you may also offer a newsletter or free samples plus more information about the advantages of working with your company.
Once you have the prospect's email address you can follow up. Be consistent. An old adage of advertising is that prospects need to see a message 20 times or more before taking action. That requires consistency!
4. Create a Blazing Need
Emotion is proven to elicit more leads and recruits than logic. Your offers and other sales tools should play upthe emotional rewards your prospect gets from using your company's products or by becoming a recruit. For example, to promote the business opportunity, describe how a successful recruit lives, how much they make, what their life is like, etc. Create a blazing need to begin enjoying this lifestyle.
Or perhaps you will focus on the sales of products. Let prospective recruits know how much items retail for as well as at the recruit discount. Seeing what they could save on their own products is often a very attractive way to recruit.
Another way to creative a blazing need is to offer a stellar promotion. Offering 10% off an item is OK, but a free gift with purchase and buy one, get one free offers will yield more sales. Remember, keeping customers is a lot easier than finding new ones. Give them something great to get them as a customer. Keep them by providing excellent service.
5. Inspire Action
Potential recruits and customers are people and people procrastinate. They get distracted by life and its responsibilities. Interest can start to fade and it may never happen. Encourage them by rewarding immediate action. One such idea is to offer a sign up bonus to new recruits-but only if they sign up within 48 hours of receiving your special offer. Perhaps you could offer a wonderful additional product package, marketing and training manuals or tapes and/or "start your own business kit" to new recruits if they sign up now.

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