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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Business Grants For Pet Lovers

Business Grants For Pet Lovers

Great news for animal lovers! There are free business grants available for you to do what you for animals. A great way to earn extra cash these days, while spending quality time with those four legged furry friends is to start your own pet sitting business.

Millions of people who love their pets, but have work schedules that conflict with the responsibilities of pet ownership, are paying big bucks to have fellow animal lovers visit their homes to care for their pets while they work, vacation, or any other thing that leads them away from their feline, canine, or reptile family members.

This is a great situation to take advantage of, if you love animals...and money. There are very few overheads and start up costs for a pet sitting or dog walking business, and remarkably, Uncle Sam will give you free government money to cover them. Small business grants from the government are not just for traditional style businesses anymore. Thousands are receiving this type of financial assistance each day, to start home based businesses, online businesses, and pet sitting businesses too.

By filling out a simple government grant application, if you qualify, you may receive more than enough free government money to get those start up costs covered and be off to the dog park within as short as a few weeks.

Your small business grant can be applied to the purchases of a business license, insurance, bonding costs, computer equipment and software for record keeping, all the other supplies it takes to run an efficient office, leashes, collars, and lots and lots of milk bones.

The greatest part about small business grants is that you do not have to repay them...ever. If you are eligible to qualify, you can rest assured that the only monthly payments involved will be issued to you, by your clients.



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