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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Small Business Grant Faster

Apply for a Small Business Grant in Just 15 Minutes

Business grants are offered by governments, major financial institutions and institutions such as credit corporations and philanthropic foundations. These organizations always have a glut of applications that seek high amounts of grants.

This is not the case with smaller amounts of grants, especially if the business is of the kind which the government promotes. For example, any business which earns government good foreign exchange or any business that uses large amount of recycled matter as raw material. These are neither capital nor labor intensive businesses. They just need initial funding after which they become independent and run smoothly and over a period of time, profitably.

Applying for a small business grant is not as procedural or as time consuming as doing so for large and high value assistance. All you need to do is identify the organization which allows submission of grant applications for favored types businesses as shown above. These organizations are established to set up a certain number of such business entities over a period of time in a phased manner.

The business nature is generic and the operations are simplified and the grant being for a small business, it is open to ordinary persons. As the business proposals and other details are pre-determined, only a few documents such as bank statements, social security and references are required and if these documents can be arranged by the person seeking the grant, then the application can be successfully submitted in as little as 15 minutes!

Grants are offered by colleges and universities as part of the philosophy that education must not be avoided for economic reasons. When a student is seeking a grant then he/she needs to ensure that the following things are taken into account so that the application for grant is processed quickly and favorably:

1. Apply at the earliest. This is what most colleges advise students interested in securing a grant. This is because a request for grant needs to be considered on the academic merit of the student which can not done in a matter of minutes if the application is submitted close to the deadline. Also, an early application shows that the student is serious and so is processed at the earliest.

2. If possible, show what you can afford. A good idea when requesting for grants is to show that you are willing to bear about a third of the total cost of the course involved. Your application is acted upon promptly in such a case because it shows earnest attitude and responsibility and this also results in some funds saved in the grant account.



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