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Friday, 24 August 2012

Looking For Small Business Grants.

Looking For Business Grants?

It is of common knowledge that one needs to have money in order to make money. If a new business entrepreneur does not have start-up money at his disposal, he has to look for other means. In other words, he can either approach a private bank for a loan or the Government for a grant.

This way, they can focus on the management and legal aspects of the business without worrying about the monetary problems as well. As has already been mentioned, the Government offers a number of business grants and it is a great way for new and small businesses to kick-start the development process. However, the bad news is that it is not very easy to get such a grant. Most people who have been through the grind say that it is easier to approach private banks and suchlike and apply for a loan instead.

The main reason lies in the fact that most Governments tend to trust only those new businesses that have a particular niche in mind because of which their main focus is the targeted group of customers or users. In addition to that, those who clearly spell out their requirements and long-terms plans are approved for business grants.

This means that if your main aim is the welfare of the people which you plan to look over with the help of your non-profit organization, it will be fairly easy for you to get a grant. If you pass the initial hurdle, the next step would be to go through the different kinds of grants that are available.

1-Direct Business Grants

A direct grant is handed over to the business enterprise in the form of a cash award. The enterprise, in turn, is required to use the money for certain activities which include training and export development. The entrepreneur will get brownie points if he manages to bag a capital investment project. The only limitation here is that he will be expected to pay a part of the start up costs from his own pocket.

2-Repayable Business Grants

Repayable grants are very popular because the least amount of risk is associated with them. If you are approved for this business grant, the authority in question will give you a fixed sum of money with the help of which you will be expected to start the project.

As you start making money and your revenues reach a certain mark, you will have to pay that amount back in a single installment. The main benefit of such business grants is that if something goes wrong and you have to wind up operations, the grant will be written off. Since this is great news for you but bad news for the Government, these grants are hardly ever given out.

In case you do not qualify for any of these grants, you should start applying for a soft loan. The repayment options are quite flexible which is why this grant is perfect for those who are finding it very difficult to step into the industry.



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